Starting from the naked body and using one’s own body as a seed for change, “Ubiquitous Assimilation” breaks away from white privileges and norms. What identity can we live out, how do we stay open and what do our bodies need in order to see other people as equals?

“Ubiquitous Assimilation” deals with the general compliance with and acceptance of racist structures in our society and works to dismantle these. Any white person who wants to leave “happyland” (Tupoka Ogette) and become an anti-racist automatically leaves the comfort zone of habit. Racist structures, for example discriminatory ways of thinking and stereotypes, particular sensitivity to accusations of racism or privileges taken for granted or viewed as “normal”, are firmly anchored in white bodies, white thinking and white speaking. Grupo Oito’s performers ditch their privileges and face the task of leaving the norm, taking on new perspectives and constructing a new, anti-racist identity, both literally and figuratively naked. The evening begins with a video installation as part of the stage set that flows into the performance.