Trejeito Bikini


These trejeitos reveal imaginary gestures. It is a peaceful, impulsive, tactile experience.
These drawings are a way to add poetry, music, and a creative touch to life.

It is a reminder of our power and agency to create beauty in the world.
Each feeling, depending on the body state, expresses a different movement and there we recognize each other.
A possibility for the collectors to contemplate and discover something about themselves.


Miro Wallner artwork stands out for its unique recognizable style.
He believes that these gestures support imaginative rationality.
That people need art for trying to comprehend partially what cannot be comprehended totally.



The trejeitos are particular gestures coming from the body. A wish to say something. That one thing that makes a person remarkable.

  • handmade artwork
  • original unique piece
  • 19 x 29 cm
  • black, red, white
  • ink on paper
  • signed by the author


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