Get Physical Film

Miro Wallner proposes to Grupo Oito collaboration with filmmaker Ilker Abay and choreographer Ricardo de Paula, sketching maps of how to capture with sensibility, the complexity of Get Physical Process. The film team experienced a nine months journey of an immersive process into the core of Grupo Oito. Listening to statements of protagonists participating in different moments of their journey. Revealing images of the group archive in connection with the historical context. Moving from a descriptive documentary film to a sensorial experience. Adding poetical layers with metaphorical inserts. Researching ways to record the practice that invites the audience in the imaginary utopian world to feel the physicality on screen. A translation of the group effort to continue this battle of integration, confrontation of social issues, and artistic discussions.


Film by: Ilker Abay & Miro Wallner / Camera: Ferit Barak / Edit: Levent Celebi / Music: Biano Lima / Cellist: Eurico Ferreira Mathias / Organisation Coordination: Nur Bildik / Administration & Finances: Olga Ramirez Oferil / Camera Assistent: Arjin Civan Sahin

Mit: Laura Alonso, Caroline Alves,Martina Garbelli, Biano Lima, Ruben Nsue Mbese, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Zé de Paiva, Ricardo de Paula, Cíntia Rangel, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Miro Wallner



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